Do you have a wet breather?

Sometimes divers complain of their regulator breathing wet. Here are a few tips for trouble shooting this problem. There are 3 common causes of a wet breathing regulator.


  1. Hole in the mouthpiece
    imagesInspect your mouthpiece for holes. Sometimes the tie wrap used to hold the mouthpiece on can dig in and cause holes. If you find a hole it's a simple fix. Just replace the mouthpiece!
  2. Exhaust valve

    photoDuring transport it can happen that the exhaust valve gets flipped out of place and this will cause a wet breathing regulator. It can also cause you to get water only. Inspect the exhaust valve by looking up into the exhaust T on the second stage. If it isn't flat, it won't seal. You can normally just smooth it out with your finger.
  3. Diaphragm
    diaphragmThe inhalation diaphragm is normally inspected during annual service. If it gets old and worn or if you have dragged it through sand it won't seal properly allowing water into the second stage. To inspect it you must remove the face plate. If there's sand in there then rinse it out. If it has holes in it you'll need to bring it in to be serviced. The image shows two diaphragms. The one on the left is in good shape whereas the one on the right is in need of replacement.


You can check to see if your regulator is well sealed and therefore won't be a wet breather before you even hit the water. Set up your regulator on a tank but don't turn it on. Take a big breath in through the mouthpiece and there shouldn't be any air coming through. If there is, you have a leak somewhere.


You can checkout a video I made about this on YouTube.