Equipment Servicing

Most manufacturers recommend that you have your regulator serviced annually and not doing so may void your warranty.

Equipment Servicing Fees
Regulator OverhaulIncludes chemical ultrasonic cleaning. Parts are extra unless covered under manufacturer warranty.$40 per stage
Regulator Overhaul with Oxygen CleaningParts not included in the price.$35 per stage
Tank Tumbling – Aluminum$30
Tank Tumbling – SteelIncludes corrostop treatment$35
Oxygen Cleaning – Aluminum TankIncludes valve cleaning$60
Oxygen Cleaning – Steel TankIncludes valve cleaning$65
Tank Valve OverhaulParts included$20
Tank Valve Overhaul & Oxygen Cleaning – Aluminum TankParts included$25
Manifold Oxygen Cleaning – Double Aluminum Tanks$140
Manifold Oxygen Cleaning – Double Steel Tanks$150
Hydrostatic TestIncludes visual inspection and air fill$45
BCD ServicingParts are extra unless covered under manufacturer warranty.$25
Visual Tank InspectionIncludes air fill and new valve O-ring$20


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Prices exclude applicable taxes and are subject to change without notice.