I love my new dry suit!

Just got my new dry suit and I'm loving it! It's a BARE XCS2 Tech Dry. When deciding upon a dry suit many divers aren't sure if they should go neoprene or laminate. I am totally set on neoprene and here's why...

Laminate suits will keep you dry but they don't provide any warmth so you have to compensate by wearing lots of undergarments. My thought is that if I'm wearing my dry suit it's because the water is cold so therefore why wouldn't I want the suit to provide extra thermal insulation? This also means that I don't have to wear as think of and undergarment underneath. This also leads into my next point.

Neoprene has some stretch to it so I find it has better flexibility than laminate which does not have any stretch in the material. Also, since I'm wearing less undergarments underneath I have even more flexibility.

Since I don't need to have a ton of space in the suit to pile on extra undergarments I can have a more fitted suit.

So there you have it. I think that neoprene is the way to go for a dry suit in our local environment, but it's just my 2 cents! I like mine with a neoprene neck (more comfortable than latex), attached HD boots (warmer and one less thing to forget to pack) and thigh pockets.

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