Learn to scuba dive in ONE WEEKEND!

Why Learn to Scuba Dive?

Scuba diving is an incredible adventure that allows you to explore the underwater world and experience things that few people have the opportunity to see. Here are some reasons why you should try scuba diving:

  • Discover a new world!

  • Escape stress! 

  • Stay fit!

  • Make new friends!

  • Contribute to conservation!

  • Build confidence!

Overall, scuba diving is an amazing activity that can bring a lot of joy, excitement, and fulfillment into your life. Whether you're an experienced diver or a beginner, there's always something new to discover and explore underwater.

Eqypt 2023

For your course fee of $498 you will receive:

  • You PADI Open Water Diver elearning course training package (takes about 10 hours to complete)
  • Your pool skills training (scheduled across two evenings - Fri and Sat)
  • Your PADI Open Water Diver referral package
  • BONUS #1 - FREE 2 Hour Buoyancy Clinic
  • BONUS #2 - FREE 2 Hour skills practice session

Once you have completed your skills training you will bring your referral package to any PADI dive centre, anywhere in the world to demonstrate the skills you have learned during four checkout dives with a PADI Instructor. You can schedule these checkout dives with Aquasub locally during the summer, in the sun and sand during any of our Group Cuba Scuba Vacation Packages or during a vacation you may have already scheduled. 

The important details...

  • Medical statement - You will need to complete this form before any in water training begins by answering "yes" or "no" to each of the questions. If specific conditions apply to you, you may need to have to statement signed by your doctor.
  • Age requirement: 10 years or older (10-14 yrs will receive a Jr Open Water Diver certification)
  • A reasonable comfort level in the water and basic swimming ability is required.
  • The eLearning is 100% non refundable once you begin.
  • The course is performance based. You may require additional time with an instructor in the pool to make up for sessions missed or to master the necessary skills. These sessions are included at no additional fee and are available during our regularly scheduled pool sessions.
  • Once you have completed your training in the pool, you will need to schedule your checkout dives to demonstrate everything you have learned. This can be done with Aquasub or with any PADI dive centre anywhere in the world!
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