Equipment Service

AquaSub Scuba has manufacturer certified service technicians to ensure your gear is in top shape before your next dive. Normal turn around time is 1-7 business days but it depends on the needs of your equipment.

When we change the battery in your dive computer you can rest easy since we have an on site pressure chamber to take it on a test dive. 



Annual service $40 per stage

A standard regulator set has 3 stages. This is a full overhaul of the regulator and includes chemical ultrasonic cleaning. Parts are extra unless covered under manufacturer warranty. Pricing of parts depends on the manufacturer but is normally around $35 per stage.

Regulator overhaul with oxygen cleaning $50 per stage

Includes same as annual service but with oxygen safe parts and cleaner used. Parts are extra. Pricing of parts depends on the manufacturer but is normally around $40 per stage.

Regulator performance test $15 per stage

The performance test will involve testing the intermediate pressure to ensure that it is within manufacturer guidelines, testing the cracking pressure of the second stages and adjusting as necessary. This test will also determine if your regular is in need of a full annual service.

HP Spool overhaul $15

Cleaning and replacement of orings for the HP spool in the gauges.

Dry Suit Repairs

Latex Conical Wrist Seals (installed): $100 each

Latex Bellows Neck Seal (installed): $150

BDM Brass Zippers (installed):

Back Zip suits: $450

Front Zip suits $475

*Add $50 for HEAVY DUTY BDM Zipper (primarily commercial suits)

Boot Change: 

Neoprene Socks: $350 including the socks

Tech / HD Boots: $425 including the boots

Replacement Silicone Seals:

Siflex Wrist Seals: $29 each

Siflex Neck Seals: $64 each

SiTech Trigon Relief (Pee) Valve (installed): $250



Battery change & pressure test $50
Watch style $100

Includes battery, pressure test and 1 year warranty.



Air fill $10

We offer air fills up to 4500  psi depending on the rating of your cylinder. We have adapters for yoke, DIN and paint ball.

Enriched Air Nitrox fill up to 40% $20

We have a preblend stick so we can produce up to 40% EAN to fill your tank with. This is great for you since your cylinder does not need to be O2 cleaned for this. A visual inspection within 1 year will do.

Oxygen $0.75/cuft

Cylinders must have proof of oxygen cleaning within 1 year. This is medical grade oxygen and we can fill emergency oxygen bottles as well.

Hydrostatic testing $49

All cylinders required hydrostatic testing to be done every 5 years. It is the same price regardless of size and takes 3-4 weeks to be completed. Includes Visual Inspection and air fill.

Visual inspection $20

All cylinders that are used for scuba are required to have a visual inspection completed every year.

Tank tumbling - Aluminium $40 - Steel $50

Tank tumbling will remove large deposits of oxidization or rust from inside your tank. 

Oxygen cleaning - Aluminium $60 - Steel $65

All tanks that will be filled with enriched air nitrox using a partial pressure blending method or that will be filled with anything over 40% O2 must be oxygen cleaned annually. 

Tank valve overhaul $30

Includes parts. Valves have a lot of moving parts and orings and should be overhauled at minimum every 5 years. Include and overhaul with every hydro test to keep leaks from occurring and to keep your valves turning loosely!

Tank valve overhaul & oxygen cleaning $40

Includes parts

Double tanks dissassembly and assembly $50

Added on to any of the above services if dissassembly and assembly of doubles is required.



Performance test $25

We will do a leak check and insure that the inflator and deflator valves are in working order. 

Inflator valve overhaul $30