How to get ready for your next dive adventure….

As the weather gets colder here many of you are getting ready to head somewhere tropical to get your scuba fix. Here’s a few things you should do before you go:

  1. Get your gear serviced. Annual servicing of your gear is important even if you haven’t used it very much. O-rings and other parts can become dried out and need to be replaced. Not to mention most manufacturers require annual service to maintain the warranty.
  2. Test it out. I know of one guy that just grabbed his bag of gear from his basement and headed for the airport. When he pulled it out on the dive boat he found that some mice had been dining on the reg hoses. Not a great way to start a trip. Don't be this guy! Book a spot in the pool to hop in and make sure everything is working well.
  3. Take a scuba review. If it's been more than six months since you've been blowing bubbles you should sign up for a scuba review and most places will require it. Instead of having to use up a day on your trip to do it give AquaSub a call and do it before you go. (905)883-3483

Now all you've got to do is book the trip and pack! We can help you with that too! Booking the trip that is. You'll have to pack for yourself. But stay tuned for some packing tips for divers.