How to Find the Best Mask

If I had a buck for every time I see or hear this question… Anyone who’s willing to tell you this or that is the best mask for you without putting the mask on your face isn’t anyone you should believe.

The real answer is in the mirror.

Yes, that’s right. Look in the mirror. The shape and structure of your face are the keys to finding the best mask.

A high-quality mask has a soft silicone skirt, tempered mask,  straps that are easy to adjust, and a range of mask frame shapes. It's this last quality that's key.

What to look for:

  1. The mask skirt should sit nice and flat on your face and doesn't lie too close to the edge of your eyes. You shouldn't have to pull and tug on the mask to achieve this fit.
  2. With the mask on your face, inhale through your nose and hold your breath. The mask should stay on your face without the strap over your head. That's the seal you're looking for.

Find the mask with a frame shape that matches your face, and you'll have found the best mask...for you.