Aug 19/20 - Tobermory Pizza Party Weekend

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Aug 19/20 - Tobermory Pizza Party Weekend

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Your will be diving off the Bruce Isles. Departing the dock at 8:00 AM on both Saturday and Sunday mornings for a two tank Advanced charter each day.

- Your Advanced Open Water Diver certification or be enrolled as an Advanced Open Water Diver course.

- a refillable water bottle

- all your scuba gear including two tanks and weights (no equipment is provided for the charter) and rental equipment is available for the weekend.

If you will be staying with us at the lodge, you have accommodation for both Friday and Saturday evening with check out being Sunday at 2:00 PM.

  1. You can check-in after 5PM on the Friday.
  2. All rooms are assigned and all beds are filled. Please review the bunk assignments list that will be posted in the entrance of the lodge and move your personal items into your assigned room.
  3. Wash your dishes. Please wash any dishes, pots, utensils, etc immediately after using them.
  4. Refrigerator Space: The fridge in the kitchen is reserved for FOOD. The smaller fridge in the alcove is for beverages like beer, wine, etc. Please ensure there is room for everyone to put their items in the fridges.
  5. There is NO SMOKING indoors at the lodge.
  6. There is a full kitchen as well as a BBQ for food prep if you wish.
  7. Bedding is provided, but you should bring your own towel(s) for showering (please do shower! 😊)
  8. DO NOT store ANY wet items inside the lodge. You can dry your gear on the railings outside of the front and back of the lodge. Before dark you should pack you gear into your vehicle for the next day. The dew will reverse any drying of your gear that you achieve.
  9. Please do not leave any equipment, books, clothing, etc on the tables unattended. The lodge is full and the tables are for everyone’s use.
  10. DO NOT leave the entrance doors propped open. You are in the wilderness. Indoors is nicer than outdoors and the woodland critters are brazen and will come inside if given the opportunity.
  11. There is a large parking lot below the lodge for guests. Do not park above, beside the lodge. The house next door is NOT part of your accommodations, please do not wander in.
  12. You should bring:
    1. a towel
    2. toiletries
    3. any food and drink you want
    4. a lawn chair for around a bonfire or sitting outside
  13. The lodge is located on the water. There is a nice wall dive off the back of the lodge if you are interested.
  14. If you are consuming alcohol AFTER the days diving is complete. Please be responsible. There is a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for diving while impaired. Anyone found to still be impaired in the morning will ABSOLUTELY not be allowed to dive.

CHECK-OUT is by 2:00 PM on Sunday afternoon. We do ask that you pack up and empty your room in the morning BEFORE leaving to dive, the allows the lodge to clean the rooms for the next guests. You may leave your bags anywhere downstairs in the lodge and feel free to cook up some lunch and relax before heading home.


Saturday evening we feed you!

We will be making fresh pizza with a variety of toppings available. We guarantee you will be filled up and happy and then we can sit around the campfire and have a few beverages with all of your dive buddies!

February 2023

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