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SB System - Base Layer - Top (Men)

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SB System - Base Layer - Top (Men)

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This base layer is made from an advanced stretch breathable fabric that draws moisture away from the body creating a dry zone next-to-skin barrier.  It then disperses the moisture over a larger surface allowing it to evaporate quickly.


  • Form-fitting base layer includes moisture management technology that acts as the first stage in moisture movement away from the skin
  • Incorporates quick drying characteristics for rapid evaporation, keeping you dry and comfortable
  • Includes anti-microbial properties that inhibit bacterial growth, keep the fabric fresh and provide odor control
  • High warmth-to-weight ratio delivers the exact warmth and breathability required for dive applications
  • Flatseam stitching throughout
  • Two piece design allows the diver to mix and match sizes of top and pant for perfect fit
  • Designed to be used as part of the SB System or as stand alone garments
  • Pull-over design has no bulky closures that restrict stretch
  • Molded comfort collar reduces neck chaffing. Includes BARE embroidered logo
  • Zippered stretch pocket at right upper arm for key/ID
  • Low profile thumb loops to assist donning


  • Stretch breathable fabric made from a blend of polyester/polypropylene/spandex. Includes Polartec Power Dry® technology and is anti-microbial.
  • Two layer fabric draws moisture away from the body creating a dry zone next-to-skin barrier and then disperses the moisture over a large surface allowing it to evaporate quickly.

Warmth and comfort are important. So when it comes to thermal protection, our selection of drysuits, accessories and modular layers enables divers to create their own personalized thermal protection system. By assembling these components, you can establish your own personal comfort level based on water temperature and dive duration.



Trilaminate drysuits require Constant Volume Exposure (CVE) protection, which means air volume and the “loft” of the undergarments provide nearly all the insulation. Conversely, neoprene suits provide significant insulation although the suit alone provides Variable Volume Exposure (VVE) protection. Both compression, undergarments and air volume in the suit impact the neoprene suit’s thermal properties.

Both types of drysuits require you to complete your drysuit system in order to keep you warm and protected. We developed our drysuit accessories with as much care as the drysuit itself. Innovations such as bulk-reducing, modular layers, and hoods with Sealtek liquid seam tape, keep you diving longer.


Drysuit outer layers provide either CVE or VVE protection, depending on whether it is made from trilaminate or neoprene material. Both require the addition of under layers to keep you warm, the decision becomes how many and how thick. Many divers will use existing layers that weren’t designed for dive. While this may be a tempting option, BARE layers are modular and designed specifically for diving to ensure the highest level of comfort and performance in every dive situation. Patterns for the SB System have been thoughtfully developed to ensure that when layering, excessive bulk from stacking panels and zippers is limited to maximize comfort and performance in every diving environment. We have gone to great lengths to source and develop the highest performing fabrics to ensure the best moisture management and warmth.


Your base layer is the first stage in moisture and thermal management. This is the most important layer in keeping a diver dry and comfortable. The SB System Base Layer is made from an advanced stretch, breathable fabric that draws moisture away from the body creating a dry zone next-to-skin barrier.


The mid layer is the warm fleece layer. This fabric was designed for military use and when we created it with our partners at Polartec®, we knew this was the perfect application for dive. This is a one-of-a-kind compression resistant, double layer fleece. Don’t be surprised by the lack of bulk. In this case, more bulk definitely does not mean more warmth.


When the needle drops, we reach for our super plush and super warm Polarwear. And, if you tend to get cold quickly, this is the drysuit underwear for you. Polarwear underwear offers a double layer of Hi-Loft Thinsulate™ in the torso for extreme coldwater diving. Combine it with the SB System Base Layers for a customizable warmth that doesn’t sacrifice mobility.



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