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HangerAir Drying System

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The HangAir suit drying hanger was originally designed to air dry scuba diving Wetsuits and has been over engineered which enables it to hold the heaviest of sweat soaked suits easily. 

This Drying System is a very durable, safe, high-quality product that is designed specifically to dry your suit in hours, not days. There is a high-powered waterproof fan pushing 120 cubic feet of air per minute through your suit that not only dries your suit quickly, but also helps to eliminate odor. 

The UK HangAir Drying System uses a high-power waterproof fan to completely dry and ventilate suits of all kinds in mere hours and ensures that your suit is blown clean and dry from the inside before storage, eliminate bad odors, and add years to the life of your garment. The UK HangAir is molded from incredibly tough plastic resin and sports a stainless steel hook which will comfortably support up to 100 pounds. Safe, low voltage power is supplied to the hanger fan through a tough 15 foot cord attached to a universal power 100/240 VAC wall adapter.

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