Packing light

People tell me all the time that they are worried about travelling with all their scuba gear because of airline weight restrictions. You need not worry! You just need to pack smart!

  1. Get yourself a light bag. My favourite is the Mares Cruise Roller bag. It weighs in at just 6.9lbs and folds up for easy stowage on liveaboards. Most airlines have a 50lbs limit for checked bags. If you're bag is eating up your allowable weight this is a big problem.
  2. Think about weight when purchasing your gear. There are many BCDs and regulators on the market that are specifically designed for travel. The Mares Hybrid Pure BCD or the Aeris Jetpack are great options.
  3. Remember that your gear may have some water weight for your return flight if it hasn't completely dried. So don't pack right to the limit!

Here is a video of Norbert packing all his gear for his trip tomorrow to Cuba. Everything comes in at just 26.4lbs leaving him lots of space and weight for clothing and other stuff.

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